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The Land of Israel in Biblical Time
Hanging map - PVC banner with wooden sticks

Size: 100x150 cm. English.
Large digital print, high resolution.
Includes the timeline from the period of the fathers to the destruction of the Second Temple.
5 Maps: Main map - settlement of the 12 tribes in the Land  of  Canaan and the time of Judgesthe
the kingdom of Saul, the kingdoms of David and Solomon, the divided kingdom
(kingdom of Israel and kingdom of Judah), the kingdoms in the ancient Near East.
(c) כל הזכויות שמורות לטרגט מפות - בניית אתרים עיצוב אתרים
מפות ישראל
מפות עולם
למערכת החינוך

Biblical Maps

» Map of Israel - The Holy Land
» Jerusalem

Map of the 12 Tribes

Size: 70x100 cm. English. 
Double side lamination with 2 hang tabs.
Settlement of the 12 tribes in the Land of Canaan and the time of Judges.
Includes the symbols of 12 tribes of Israel.